Why indians are unhealthy people in the world?

Why Indians are unhealthy people in the world?

India is the first country. who discover superfoods to stay healthy and live a long and healthy life.

the obesity in India is increasing day by day. in a study published in the Lancet journal. in this study 102 million man and 101 women underweight.

India has 40% of global underweight peoples. where neighbor country China is at 2nd position. in China 8% of underweight men and 12% of underweight women.

whereas, Obesity in 1975 the number of obese men is around 0.4 million or 1.3% of the world obsessed population are in India. but this hilarious number is not stop here.

In 2014 India ranked at 5th position with 9.8 million obessed men or 3.7 % of the Global population. in the case of women, India makes the third position with 20 million obese women which are 5.3 % of the global population.

If the rate of obesity stays tuned then India becomes the no. 1 obsessed country.

Reasons behind the obesity of India

  1. poor eating habits or food habits.

This is the ranking one reason causes obesity in India. in the last few decades. peoples attraction toward fatty food is increasing and eating healthy food habits shifts to this unhealthy habit.

This is not only one reason to change the habit. let’s point out some attractive points to shift the healthy habits to poor habits.

    • Easy availability: at every corner or Street you found in junk food seller or restaurants.
    • Big brands manipulated: many big brands promoting their processed or junk food as a very beneficial product.
    • Less cooking time: most of the busy peoples switch to junk and fatty foods because they take less time to cook.

When people follow this schedule. they unknowingly addicted to these poor eating habits.

  1. lack of sleep


Many studies shows that lack of sleep leads to many diseases. peoples who sleep less 7- 8 hours in a day.

They inviting obesity other than who take a sleep of 7- 8 hours a day. they prevent a higher risk of becoming obsessed.

Because when we take less sleep our metabolism rate decreases and this causes obesity.

3.Community thoughts

In our Indian community, it is found that obsessed child considered as a healthy child. Many peoples who are also well educated don’t take obesity as a life-threatening monster.

4.Less physical activity

Technology reduces our physical efforts which make our livelihood comfortable. but it is not only the thing this type of technology gives us.

Adults physical activities in their work reduced by technology and children’s physical activity reduced by video games.

which are also more popular among adults nowadays.

5.Awareness in fewer peoples

Most of our country population is unaware of the harmful effect of obesity. if someone is aware and that person also has a lack of knowledge of Nutrition.

They are selected people who have knowledge of both things. well educated peoples also have a lack of awareness about obesity and nutrition.

How can we fight against obesity?

This fight is not easy. if you want to reduce the obesity or Kill obesity from our country. the biggest problem or obstacle in our path is “ lack of awareness in peoples”.

If our attempts to aware the peoples about obesity and its harmful effects. then maybe they become serious about this matter.

Then it becomes easy if we start from yourself then our family. then it becomes more easy to win this fight.

Steps that you can take

    • Aware of yourself. if you’re reading this article then you have to take a pledge from today you will away yourself about fitness, nutrition, and exercises.
    • sacrifice your poor habits of eating.
    • Take sleep of 7- 8 hours a day.
    • technology ease our works but it does not mean that you reduce your physical activity. don’t leave technology only make your overall day physically active such as take stairs left the elevator.
    • You must have to start a weight loss programme.


India our country has the heritage of Ayurveda and yoga. we have a heritage of superfoods. like Amla, Daliya, jau commonly known as barley.

We have to use our heritage abroad countries peoples use our heritage and knowledge to get the benefit. why we can’t use our treasure of knowledge about health?

And don’t take Ayurveda as only a branch of medicines. It is not only a branch of medicines it is a branch of health supplements. natural supplements.

We only need to apply this in our day to day life. if you agree with me, share your opinion with us and try to share this article with your friends.

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