Tricep Muscle Anatomy -Functions, Diagram, Issues

tricep muscles

Tricep muscles found at the back of the arm. these muscles extend the arm.
The tricep muscle is the three-headed muscles which also known as tricep brachii.
Which originate from scapula and humerus bone. This muscle is a powerful extensor of the arm.

Three heads of tricep brachii known as

triceps muscles
  1. Lateral head
  2. Medial head
  3. Long head

Lateral head :

This head is located on the outward pointing side of the humerus bone.
It is originated from Humerus (posterior) – Superior to the radial groove
Insertion: Ulna (proximal posterior) – Olecranon process


Forearm supination extension. Extending the elbow with the thumb pointing out.

Medial head:

This muscle head located in the middle of the upper arm.
Origin: Humerus (Posterior) – Inferior to radial groove.
Insertion: Ulna (Proximal posterior) – Olecranon process .


Forearm pronation extension. Elbow extension with the elbow pointing in position.

Long head:

This is the largest head of the muscle. which is situated on the
bottom side of the upper arm.
Origin: Scapula – Infraglenoid tubercle
Insertion: Ulna (proximal posterior) – Olecranon process


  • Shoulder extension.
  • Elbow extension.
  • Shoulder adduction.

Generally known Functions of Tricep Muscle

  • Primarily to extend the arm.
  • Provide stability to the elbow joint, while movement.

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