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Rear-Delt | 4 Exercises | High-Growth Workout Guide |benefits and downside

Rear delt or posterior deltoid. it is that muscle group of the shoulder. which is mostly neglected by beginners.

But after few months or week, when they look their body physique.

Then they realize that. what a big mistake they are doing. Posterior deltoid is a small portion of our shoulder muscles group.

But do you know, How many disadvantages of poorly or undeveloped posterior delts?

Obviously, the majority of peoples don’t know. before describing workout And rear delt exercises.

Remember these are some disadvantages of undeveloped posterior delt. there is no big list. but these few points you should memorize.

  • Pain when the raise hands in solder joints.
  • pain when pulling arms backward.
  • High chance of shoulder dislocation.
  • Change of pain from friction in joints. which can damage to ligaments, bones, muscles and joint.
  • shoulder Arthritis chances in your Old age. when production of joint lubricant decreases.

Types of shoulder arthritis

And the benefits we describe at the end of the article. from the above points, You can understand, how harmful of undeveloped back delt.

5 Method For High growth

1 Choose the perfect weight because it hit a single joints

Choosing the perfect weight is highly recommended. you don’t want to jam arm to move. This joint of the shoulder is a semi-critical point.

Means weight overdose can cause several types of injuries.weight is should be able to perform 8-10 rep range. Weight amount should be comfortable. which make set completion to the muscle failure point.

The muscle failure point occurs when you can’t able to complete your last rep in proper posture.

2 After workout do a second back delt exercise

There is no defined number of hitting rear delt in a workout. you can hit. then one more or second time. after the same workout. make it necessary to select some variation or exercise and rep range.

to hit the rear delt change your positives and their angles. without any unease. with compatible exercise intensity. In every variant exercise for rear delt.

3 HIT IT on Back day

This is very effective. Because at the back day you do many row movements. In any pull exercise your shoulder back part play a big role.

How much harder you pull? it depends on your back strength and shoulder strength. most of the advanced body builder raise their knowledge with time.

After many tried and tested ways. this is the high-level product of their experience(or you can ask your trainer). after the back workout.

If you hit rear delts with isolation movements. then you can feel and observe better growth. so, try this approach.

4 Try back to front approach on shoulder

On shoulder day, what you do? majority of peoples. starts from the front delt of the shoulder, then hit lateral delt, and after getting tired they think to hit rear delt.

But they got late until now and skip this high demand piece of muscles. so, I recommend trying to start from rear delt and then goes to the front.

5 Exercise intensity matter

High intensity is equal to more stress on muscles. Yes, everybody knows. The intensity in exercise plays a major role in muscle growth.

So, it means we have to increase intensity? if you, absolutely increase. but heavyweight increases the stress on the shoulder joints.which can cause injuries.` so, I tell you 3 methods to increase intensity without gaining weights.

#1 Reduce rest time between sets

This is the simplest method to increase intensity. A decrease in rest time probably lowers the weight you lift. Means you taking 3-4 minute to reduce to 1 minute.

#2 Before the brain tired exhausted the muscles

The man who found this principle is late “Rober Kennedy”. In his book “Sauge sets; the ultimate pre-exhaust pump out”. So, what is this principle?

Suppose on arm day first you do pushdown extension sets. then after tricep overhead extension with rope. then is difficult to do the overhead extension. it becomes very intense.

In same weight or low weight. so, intensity increase without increasing weight or reps.

#3 Rep Tempo

you can change the speed of movements slowing the speed of reps execution. the intensity you can also test in your any exercise.

So let’s start the workout.

Rear delt workout

Split your shoulder workout into groups. and one of the group is rear delt workout group.

There are tons of excuses and reasons peoples have to skip rear delt workout.

hey consider it is unnecessary but skipping rear delt workout brings the gift of about describe drawbacks.

Any workout requirement is to select better exercises and scheduling. we select the right exercises which are very effective.

Selection of exercises maybe sometimes it time-consuming task. but we spend our time and pick out perfect and effective exercises for your posterior delt workout.

Top 4 rear delt exercises effective and used by professionals

Warning :

Before doing any workout warm up properly.

1. Shoulder Press

Yes, you are right.Bent over rows target a variety of back muscles and posterior delts are one of them.

Start with this compound exercise and then go to isolation. by using a simple variation you hit back delt.

rear delt exercises

Step 1 :  Hold the barbell with compatible weight. slightly wide from shoulder width.

Step 2 : slightly bend the knees and torso from Waist.Keep the barbell Hanging perpendicular to the ground and Shoulder.

keep the back straight, shoulder retracted and core tight.

Step 3: this is the variation step. while pulling the barbell toward waist.Keep the elbow near to the body ( inward).

2. Face pull

The face pull is a simple but effective rear delt exercise. this exercise help in balance growth of the shoulder.

You can also add face pull in upper body strength training chart. to do this exercise you need a cable Pulley machine.

Step 1 :  set the cable Pulley in front of forehead. choose weight according to your strength.

Step 2 :  pull the cable towards straight toward your forehead.

Step 3 :  when you completely pulled the cable. hold cable a second in this posture.

3. Rear delt fly ( cable fly)

There are many variations of this exercise. rear delt fly most of people known it as rear delt cable fly and dumbbell fly.

Now we are describing is cable pulley (  standing) fly.

rear delt exercises

Step 1: set the adjustment of cable pulley. according to your height. which is better for you and weight according to your strength.

Step 2 :  now, Grab left Pully in right and right in the left hand. keep the shoulder retracted.

Step 3 :  this cross position of pullies is your starting point. now pull i backward without bending elbows. hold a second when you completely pulled it back.

4.  T-Bar row rear delt

T Bar row is well known for a back exercise (back workout). but this is a compound exercise. which targets many muscles groups of the back.

If you can do some variations then it hit the posterior delt.

full back workout

So now it’s time to describe of our most valuable para.

Benefits of well developed back delt.

  • If you want to raise one rep Max in the bench press. then develop your posterior delt.
  • Do you want to more power in doing in pull-ups then develop your back delts.
  • You want to lift more strongly. then you know what it means.
  • helpful for the basketball player.
  • if you’re a powerlifter or weightlifter. then a well developed posterior delt gives you more strength.

Hope  this article help you. if you think something is missing in this article then comment me.

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