How to make own fitness program | Complete guide |

fitness program

How to make own fitness program |complete guide |

If you are a gym beginner. then you should have to make your fitness program. because the fitness program is a well-organized schedule of your training, daily workouts, selection of exercises and diet planning. there are many fitness programs according to your requirement. you have to decide which you want to take fitness programs such as training programs, weight loss, muscle gain, and daily fitness programs.

if you’re starting a program. you can purchase or make it yourself.

I will describe 8 steps to make a fitness program yourself.

1. determine your fitness level

This is the first step in writing a fitness plan. you will need to examine your fitness first. find out which fitness tasks or activities you can. examine or assess your body composition, flexibility and muscle strength .

  • Assess your heart health, examine it. take 1km walk And record your pulse rate before and after the walk.
  • Assess your lungs health. how much you go up on the stairs without gasping? if you’re getting out of breath too quickly. then you have to improve your lungs health.
  • Assess your flexibility. Try to check your body flexibility. by doing some activities like touch your toes by bending the body forward without bending knees and many other activities to test flexibility.
  • Strength assessment. try to lift weight how much you can lift? do push ups, sit ups and squats. count them and measure your strength.
  • examine your waist size.  measure the waist circumference.
  • find out your BMI.

2.Goal setting

It is the most important part of a fitness program. what is your goal? what you want to achieve?

what you want to do? there are many types of goals like.

  • Muscle building.
  • weight loss.
  • abs manufacturing.
  • strength gaining.
  • circuit training.
  •  daily fitness.

3.Schedule your workouts

New workout schedule is require many things to work .training frequency in the week, for a beginner you should start 3- 5 days in a week. there are many factors which affects workout frequencies.

  • Pick a workout. workouts have numbers of variations. like high intensity interval Training( HIIT),Running and weight training. choose your workout according to your goal.
  • Make a workout analysis. record your workout progress. analyse your duration,  repetition for each of an exercise, amount of weight in resistance Exercises. keep your goal in mind.
  • Time management. it is the key of every success. if you can’t manage time. then achieving success become more difficult. so find your best time to workout. extract some freedom from your daily busy routine.


find the place which can fulfill your workout requirements, at home where you can perform many fitness activity tasks, bodyweight training or a gym. if at home you will not able to do your workout properly. if you workout at home then finds non disturbance place. where no one disturb you. if you workout require fitness equipments, if many them is not available at home. then find a gym otherwise bodyweight exercises you can do at home.

5.Diet planning

ny any fitness program it is very important to manage diet plan. it differs from person to person. before also in fitness programs. where  some people no need to change diet.

  • Daily macro. Find your daily foods. which you eat in your meals. find out the every food macro/ meal macro. adjust  your macro according to your goals.
  • decrease consumption of sodium salt sugar and saturated fats.

6.Adjust your fitness program when needed

sometimes it is not necessary a fitness program. you created work well. you have to observe your progress level periodically.  adjust fitness program if you think it is necessary.

changes like

  • Reduce/ increase the distance of jogging or racing.
  • increase/ decrease intensity of workout.
  • if workout duration is more than one hour reduced to 45 minutes.
  • change email number and in food also.

7.Apply the program

it is very easy to make any fitness program. anyone can the fitness program itself.but the major thing and difficult in a fitness program is following of that fitness program. yes it is right there are huge number of peoples. who follow a program for two weeks. there also a small portion of people who follow 2-3 months. so it is the most difficult but easy step which you must have to follow.

8. Monitor your progress

Monnithealth and health and body after every 6 weeks. be motivated don’t lose motivation and hope.

apply step 6( Discuss above) if needed.

it is a very beneficial decision. to starting a fitness program. this decision makes a healthy habit to stay fit. this habit makes your life more pleasurable if you experience.

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