Decline bench press

This is a very effective exercise for lower chest in some cases lower chest is not well developed so let’s develop it.   Step 1: lie down on the decline bench make your core tight, chest up,   retract your shoulder blades, make a slight arc in the lower back. the barbell should be in front …

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Dumbbell flys

Dumbbell fly Step 1 : warm up before perform any exercise it is necessary.   Step 2 : take bench as you like flat or  incline there is a little bit variations.   Step 3 :   take the weight of dumbbells according to the strength. Step 4 :  lie down on the bench and set …

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Squat Is a compound exercise this exercise is known by every people who relate to fitness this exercise targets your full body and primary your legs and glutes every exercise is effective when done with correct information and under the supervision of a trainer so let’s find what is the correct way to do squats. …

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Deadlift (sumo deadlitfs)


Deadlift is a weight training exercise this is mostly considered as the exercise for back workout deadlift have various type variations Sumo deadlift is also a part of them. this exercise should be performed under the supervision. warm up should be done correctly and properly before every workout so take warm-up of your whole body …

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