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20 Foods To Eat If You Want Big booty

In this Big booty era where you find yourself? if it is difficult to find. then make it easier now. make a handshake with the foods described below.

Where silicon booty is in the market. It’s not mean that there is no natural way to build a Masterpiece and attractive big booty.

A sexy booty if you think it is nothing more than well developed gluteal and hip muscles. then here are 20 foods to amplify and get a bigger booty.

Scientific research on men’s behavior to booty size. Declares, That a big one attracts more than the flat butt.

Big booty is Complete collection of macros right proportion of fat, protein, healthy fats and carbs with a regular workout routine.

It is important to give your kind attention to gluteal muscles(glutes muscles), To build a booty which draws many kind attentions.

Balanced your diet with these 20 foods, Nutrition have a big role in changing the appearance of your body parts.

Place the order of below foods.

1. Soy

If you are vegetarian then it can be your best food. It is a good source of protein 36gm protein in 100gm and contains healthy fats, which makes heart-healthy.

It also has isoflavones. Studies show that. Early exposure to isoflavones in the body reduces the chances of breast cancer later in life.

So, Build the booty with the advantage of protective cancer property.

2. Hemp seeds

An easy to available and good protein food source. while it is contain 9.5gm of protein per tablespoon. Hemp seeds contain two essential fatty acids omega-6,3. They are also the excellent container of vitamin E and minerals. Hemp seeds are a great source of protein. So, they provide ¼ calorie from protein.

3. Chia seeds

This another great seed. This superfood contains 17gm of protein in 100gm. Rich in healthy fatty acid omega-3. Chia seeds are one of those seeds which contain a great amount of omega-3.

For that reason Adding this food in your diet. Boosts the more proteins intake. And, a good amount of protein is essential to build bigger your rear.

4. Nut butter

Everybody knows nuts are the great vegan protein source. Nut likes almond, cashew, and peanuts. These are also available in-store in the form of butter. Nuts are great in taste. So they can be simply added to your snacks.

If we break the macros of peanut butter in 100gm contains about 26gm of protein.

The Goodness of nuts is not stopped here, They also contain healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals magnesium potassium and calcium.

To promote muscle building on the butts nut may be a great choice for you.

5. Eggs

Eggs a great and complete protein source. It contains almost every vitamins exception vitamin C.

An average whole egg contains about 6gm of protein 4gm comes from egg whites.

To stimulate muscle synthesis and reduce protein breakdown. Add eggs to your diet. Eggs are very beneficial for the poping ass.

6. Tuna

Tuna is known as the high-quality protein source in the bodybuilding. 18%-22% of protein a tuna contains.

It contains selenium in the good amount a powerful antioxidant. It neutralizes free radicals to protect cell damage from them. A good amount of healthy fats.

Tuna addition in your diet will be a better way to get an affordable source of omega-3, protein, selenium and vitamin D.

7. Salmon

It is an extremely dense nutrition fish. A great protein pack 22gm in almost 100gm serving.

 It contains almost zero carbs. Which is best for a diabetic person.

This seafood also loaded with omega-3. good fat for heart and other body parts.

Salmon is available in varieties like fresh, frozen, smoked or canned, king Atlantic and many more.

8. Chicken breast 

 A best lean and versatile high-quality protein. It also considered as a pack of protein even it contains 31gm of protein in 100gm of chicken breast.

This is an amazing protein source for muscle growth. Include it in your diet. To achieve back looks like Kim Kardashian.

9. Ezekiel bread 

This flourless bread made from sprouted grains and legumes. It is a complete veg source of protein ( Complete protein means contains all essential amino acids). It also considered as a healthy bread.

For veggie bum, it is a great source of protein.

10. Quinoa

Another complete and best veg protein food. Loaded with fiber, minerals, and essential vitamins.

185gm cooked quinoa contains 8.1 gm of complete protein. Rich in antioxidants than other usual grains.

A grains amount or more than the other grains. Contains more lysine, lysine synthesis of proteins.

11. Avocado

Protein and healthy unsaturated fat are not only the good content of avocado. But the amount of fiber and vitamins are also good.

The best composition of fat and protein. It gives rear to fine touch.

12.  Milk

8gm of protein in a whole milk cup. It can be your good source of protein, but only for those who can tolerate lactose. It is high in calcium. Which strengthen bones.

Dairy products ate available comfortably, you can add milk as another protein drink in your diet.

13. Cottage cheese

This dairy product is high protein and low-fat food . in a cup of almost 115gm  of contains 14gm of protein and 2% fat.

Add this food make great taste and booty bumps.

14. Lean Beef

Real meat is high concentrated protein source. This food is also great in taste. It contains 22gm of protein in 85gm fo lean beef.

Every time a complete protein food s are the good choice for excellent muscle growth.

15. Lentils

Plants based protein source. lentils are great food for vegans.Because In boiled 197gm of lentils rich with 18gm of protein, and additionally high in fiber, minerals, and vitamins.

An affordable and easily available veg food to achieve a plus-size in the bum. It is a great meal part.

16. Halibut

An excellent lean protein food. It is white fish which contains 30gm of protein in almost 105gm.

Add this and make butt transformation and be next booty star.

17. Greek yogurt non-fat

This dairy product is an excellent food. Because it is processed and extracted from the whey of regular yogurt. Which removes lactose and doubled the protein concentration.

It contains 25gm protein from 1 cup of greek yogurt and 1gm fat. The rich concentration of calcium makes bone healthy, After your 30s some women start losing bone density. So maybe it helps to maintain it.

18. Flaxseed

This superfood is rich in protein and many other health benefits. One tablespoon contains 1.3gm of protein and high concentration of omega-3 will be a good point for add to the diet.

It also improves cholesterol. It is an excellent plant-based protein source.

19. Walnuts

A beauty with mind always an excellent composition. Our this food also filled with protein and mind strength-enhancing benefits you ‘ll get 15gm of proteins in a cup of walnut.

But it does not stop here. It also contains antioxidants, omega-3, polyphenols, and vitamin E.

It reduces inflammation, risk of cancer and Alzheimer. Its properties are also under discovering scientists says.

20. Protein shakes

There are tons of brands which provide high-quality protein supplements. protein shakes are one of the foods that provide protein to the cells fastly than another protein source.

It is available in the market in tons of quality varieties whey, soy, casein and many more. Mostly and highly recommended protein is whey protein. 

Add protein shakes in post-workout. Provide fast muscle building.

This muscle booster for booty building works best in the recommended amount of protein. 1 scoop in enough in post-workout.

Choose a trusted brand. A blend of concentrated and isolate protein is perfect for beginners to intermediate.


Booty-building resembles bodybuilding. nutrition is the king in both of case.

If diet and workout plan properly synced, then booty bumps results can be maximized.

This list of foods are also contained some “ Super Foods” .those are help in naturally bubblelized the booty.

So, what are you waiting for? World’s next booty star

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